Frank Zampa Jewellery stocks a vast selection of Victorian Silverware, ranging from silver tea and coffee sets, coffeepots, coasters, centrepieces, flatware, candlesticks to letter openers, baby christening sets along with other silver pieces ideal as adornments or gifts.

Our in house team of experts will assist you with interpreting and understanding the complex system of hallmarking developed through the centuries to indicate the purity of the silver alloy or to identify the silversmith and/or date and location of manufacturing


“One can see the makers mark V.S authentic to Victorian Silverware.”

There are a few marks which we at Frank Zampa Jewellers are particularly keen to look out for.

These are:

(1) The Standard Mark, which indicates the purity of the metal. In the Case of Victorian Sterling Silver that would be 925/1000.

(2) The City mark: which in the example above refers to the  Birmingham Assay Office, whose symbol is the anchor.

(3) The Date Letter: that establishes the year in which the piece was presented for testing of the purity of its silver content.  The letter “A”, stands for 2000

(4) The makers mark: used to identify the manufacturer responsible for each piece.