Dogale – Venezia

The design brand Greggio is a pioneer in the world of silver in all its varied forms. This firm is continually reinventing silver items and combining its age-old techniques with modern raw materials and practices to create marvellous silverware.

The combination of hand decorated glass and subsequent silver plating, has given rise to ‘Dogale – Venezia’.  This new line offers numerous collections, each containing a wide range of products – bowls, vases, plates of different dimensions and colours – which have captured an emerging class of customers looking for innovations.

Articles with the well-known warm and intense colours carrying the brand name Dogale, do not tarnish or age as they are protected by a special varnish. This is extremely useful as it also reduces the need of cleaning. Each piece is different from the next, unique and unrepeatable due to a production process that is absolute and pure human craftsmanship.

Frank Zampa Jewellery is proud to represent Greggio’s Dogale Venezia silverware in Malta.