Frank Zampa Jewellery is privileged to have its own exclusive line of jewellery. Hand crafted by local and internationally known designers we are proud to display a beautiful and unique amount of masterpieces.



Frank Zampa Jewellery stocks a vast selection of Victorian Silverware, ranging from silver tea and coffee sets, coffeepots, coasters, centrepieces, flatware, candlesticks to letter openers, baby christening sets along with other silver pieces ideal as adornments.



Finding the perfect gift isn't an easy task, but with the right advice from Frank Zampa Jewellery it will all be much easier. Our recipe for success starts by understanding the person you are buying a gift for – what are their likes and dislikes and what is their personality like.



A true reflection of the wearer’s character, a good timepiece not only looks good but defines who you are. Frank Zampa Jewellery has a stunning collection of prestigious, beautifully crafted watches for the distinguished and distinguishing customer.


Jewellery and Silverware

Frank Zampa Jewellery is proud to present a world-famous collection of brands designed with impeccable taste and he highest standard of artistry. We carefully select each piece we display and will gladly guide you through the process of selecting the perfect item. Select from our three main lines: Jewellery, Silverware or Giftware to explore our intriguing options.