Frank Zampa diamond rings are an expression of love that lasts a lifetime. Our engagement rings are crafted through years of experience, each customised to symbolise the love between the couple. We take pride in creating jewellery masterpieces that reflect your love, passion and commitment to each other, using nothing but the finest quality diamonds sources from the world’s best.


Learn about all the available diamond cuts and browse through the images below to see a variety of mounted ring examples.


The traditional round brilliant is the finest cut, with 57 facets (58 when including culet)  is the cut that sparkles most. With excellent proportions,the round brilliant refracts a superior display of light and colour. A perfectly cut colourless round brilliant is a definite winner, one would immediately fall in love with its sparkle.


If you are more of a square loving person this is the diamond for you. The elegant princess cut diamond is suitable for any stylish and unique individual with just enough facets to portray a display of colour and sparkle that is attractive to anyone’s eye.


This is an extremely popular, square-looking cut with round edges, similar to a pillow. This cut seems to be an in between, a mix of both round and princess cuts. The subtle edges make the cushion cut ideal for halo mounts. Excellent characteristics portray just the right amount of brilliance to stand out and be different.


A graceful and stylish cut. The pear is a mixture of round brilliant and marquise. It can be worn facing up and down making it more unique, making fingers look longer. Symmetry is important in order to obtain brilliance.


Oval brilliant cuts, similar to the round brilliant it displays impeccable brilliance. Oval cuts appear larger when comparing carat weight due to the way their weight is distributed on the top. Giving a classical cut diamond a more moder twist with beautiful fire and brilliance.


Step cut is seen best in the emerald cut. One can see the details of the perfection of step-cutting in an emerald cut diamond and appreciate the diamonds luster. Due to it’s cut we only recommend excellent colour and clarity characteristics in Emeralds cuts as both colour and inclusions are eaily noticeable. An elegant cut, generally best mounted on more classical mounts to pronounce its elegance.


A more modern cut, a classic square cut with clipped edges using  step cuts similar to the emerald cut to create a more sophisticated design displaying more brilliance.


The radiant cut boasts its signature trimmed corners, featuring a long elegant shape while still maintaining fire and brilliance. This makes this cut a popular match for pairing with rounded or square diamonds.


Marquise cut also appears larger, with 57 facets. With perfect symmetry this cut displays an amazing mixture of brilliance fire and scintillation thats undeniably irresistible to the eye, this cut best suited on long fingers for a woman who is more unique.

All of the above diamond cuts can be set on different mounts for round brilliant, halo, plain or with diamonds on the side. 

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Our diamonds, all certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are graded by what are commonly known as the 4Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat WeightEach of these characteristics directly correlates to the diamond’s value. Any variation in one of these characteristics will make the diamond more or less valuable.


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Referring to the lack of it, colour in diamonds is very subtle. The closer to colourless a diamond is,the more valuable. Diamond colour characteristics are based on the hue of the diamond itself, its tone and saturations create the colours depth. Colour is easier to see in larger diamonds with colours D,E & F being the excellent whites. Diamond colour grading occurs under controlled conditions where a grader compares stones of the same carat and cut.

Mounting also effects the diamond’s colour. Many diamonds emit fluorescence when exposed to UV’sblueish hue. Diamonds with no florescence are of a higher quality.

Fancy Coloured diamonds on the other hand are graded by the intensity of their colour.  The rarest fancies are red, green, purple and orange. Following are pink and blue with yellow, black and champagne being the most common. The more vivid their colour the higher their value.


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Clarity refers to the inclusions enclosed in the diamond itself during development. Diamonds with less clarity are more valuable as they are rarer to find. Minor characteristics within the diamonds which do not affect its’ beauty or durability. Because diamonds formed deep within the earth, under extreme heat and pressure, they often contain unique birthmarks, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes).

Every diamond is unique. None is absolutely perfect under 10× magnification, though some come close. Known as Flawless diamonds, these are exceptionally rare. Most jewelers have never even seen one.

Our selection of diamonds ranges from Internally Flawless where no inclusions are seen under 10x magnification to VVS1 and VVS2 where the diamonds have minute inclusions which are extremely difficult to see under a 10x magnification. Vs1 and Vs2 very difficult to see under 10x magnification.


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The way a diamond is cut plays a key factor to the way a diamond interacts with light. Giving diamonds their brightness and sparkle. A very good and excellent cut diamond can make light perform in breathtaking ways, releasing fire, brilliance and scintillation. Fire is the colour seen within the diamond, brilliance is the reflection of white light within the diamond and scintillation refers to sparkles when a diamond or its observer moves.

A diamond’s cut effects colour and clarity, the proportions themselves allow natural light to refract through the diamond and this is reflected off. An ideal cut loses none of this light and shines beautifully, whereas a diamond with too much depth or too shallow would be of a lesser quality as it loses its sparkle. Diamond cutters take into consideration that a diamond must have the least flaws possible. Therefore, they make it a point to maximise a diamonds potential.


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Diamond weight is measured in Metric Carat, 1.00 Carat weighs 0.20 grams. Gem weight standard was initially compared to a carob seed which is divided into points, for example half a carat can also be referred to as 50 points of a carat or 0.50 pts. The larger the diamond, the higher its value when the other 3 characteristics are the same.

One diamond weighing 1.00ct is more valuable than 4 diamonds of 0.25cts each with the same characteristics. There are also the magic numbers, diamonds with slight difference in weight may have a price difference due to these magic numbers. Starting at 0.25, 0.50, 0.75,1.00…and so on, the larger the carat weight of the diamond, the higher its value would be. Same goes for a diamond of 0.98ct and another of 1.03, with only 0.05ct difference, their value changes drastically due to the rarity of larger diamonds.

One must balance out each of these above characteristics in order to acquire the ideal diamond.

At Frank Zampa we can help you come up with the ideal characteristics fit for your perfect engagement ring.

The Frank Zampa Engagement ring collection includes handcrafted engagement settings in a range of popular styles including solitaire, pavé, and halo. All Engagement rings can be customised to match your stone of choice with the ring setting in white/yellow/rose gold.

The simplicity of this engagement ring creates a sense of romance, a clean band with the focus directly on the centre diamond representing the purity of love. The solitaire ring is classic and elegant, a style to stand the test of time.


Like a garland, a halo of diamonds encircle the center diamond creating more sparkle and brilliance. The halo ring is lavish and eye-catching. A classic design that has been around for a century and is considered to be one of the most popular settings in the world of diamond engagement rings.


A traditional mount with diamonds on the band.The Channel-set engagement rings have sophisticated side diamonds embedded into a grooved channel of the band. The Pavé setting features tiny diamonds around the band, giving the appearance of a solid diamond surface.


Defined by symmetrical mounts, the side stones accentuate the size and brilliance of the centre diamond through adjacent angles. This art-deco inspired design features bold and geometric styles marked by bright colours and eye-catching combinations.


The band itself is a representation of the entwined infinite promise of love between two souls. The infinity symbol is elegant and timeless, representing everlasting love and devotion. An excellent choice to accompany the centre diamond of your choice.


Intricate milgrain details on the mount itself create a vintage look reminiscent of local lace and unforgettable fashion from history. Milgrain is a jewellery-detailing technique where tiny metal beads are added, typically to create an ornate border. The close attention to detail is why milgrain was the go-to jewelry style throughout the first half of the 20th century.




As part of the commitment to our clients, at Frank Zampa we have introduced a diamond upgrade service which has been extremely well received by our diverse clientele. Being a long-term investment, diamonds retain their value and have steadily increased for the past twenty years.

Through our team of experts, we offer tailor-made upgrade options for anyone wishing to increase any specification of their diamond or precious gem. If you are interested in this service, we invite you to book an appointment so that we can understand better what you are looking for and guide you all throughout the way.



Wedding bands are central to the Maltese matrimonial culture. They have been a symbol of endurance and eternity since time immemorial. The wedding ring represents a lifetime attachment between a couple and is one of the most important purchases a person will ever make.

We offer a vast selection of tailor-made wedding rings in all white, yellow or rose gold. For the more adventurous, Frank Zampa offers the one-coloured engraved style as well as two or three toned rings which can be customised to suit any requirement or size, while also representing world-renowned German brand AG Gerstner, which specialises in luxury custom-made wedding bands.