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Our Engagement Rings

Frank Zampa diamond rings are an expression of love that lasts a lifetime. Our engagement rings are crafted through years of experience, each customised to symbolise the love between the couple. We take pride in creating jewellery masterpieces that reflect your love, passion and commitment to each other, using nothing but the finest quality diamonds sources from the world’s best.

Diamond Shapes


The quintessential round brilliant cut, with its 57 facets (58 including the culet), is renowned for its unparalleled sparkle. This cut exhibits a remarkable display of light and colour due to its excellent proportions. A flawlessly cut, colourless round brilliant is irresistibly captivating, winning hearts with its dazzling brilliance.


Ideal for aficionados of square shapes, the princess cut is a testament to elegance and uniqueness. Boasting just the right number of facets to unveil a mesmerising display of colour and sparkle, this cut appeals to individuals seeking style with a touch of distinction.


A hugely popular choice, the cushion cut resembles a plush pillow, combining the allure of square and round edges. This harmonious blend makes the cushion cut perfect for halo settings. Its excellent characteristics produce a brilliance that's both distinct and captivating.


Exuding grace and sophistication, the pear cut is a blend of the round brilliant and marquise cuts. Its unique shape, which can be worn facing both upwards and downwards, elongates the appearance of the fingers. Achieving symmetry is crucial to maximise its brilliance.


Oval brilliant cuts share the exemplary brilliance of round cuts but offer a more elongated shape. This attribute makes the oval cut appear larger for its carat weight, providing a modern twist on a classic design, complete with stunning fire and brilliance.


The emerald cut showcases the beauty of step-cutting, allowing a clear appreciation of the diamond's luster. Due to its clarity and colour being more visible, high-quality characteristics are recommended for emerald cuts. It’s an elegant choice, often set in classic mounts to enhance its sophistication.


The Asscher cut, a modern reinterpretation of the classic square, features clipped corners and step cuts akin to the emerald cut. This design results in a sophisticated and radiant appearance, showcasing an enhanced brilliance.


Renowned for its signature trimmed corners, the radiant cut combines an elongated form with spectacular fire and brilliance. This versatile cut pairs well with both rounded and square diamonds, making it a popular choice for diverse settings.


With its 57 facets, the marquise cut creates an illusion of greater size. Perfect symmetry in this cut unlocks a remarkable blend of brilliance, fire, and scintillation, rendering it irresistibly attractive. Suited to long fingers, it's an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and distinguished appearance.

Diamond Shapes


The Romantiku collection epitomises timeless romance through its simplistic design. Each engagement ring in this range focuses on a solitary, stunning centre diamond, elegantly set on a clean band. This solitaire style symbolises the unadulterated purity of love, offering classic elegance that endures through time.


Inspired by the ornate beauty of a garland, the Girlanda collection features a dazzling halo of diamonds that encircle the central stone. This halo amplifies the sparkle and brilliance, creating an opulent and captivating appearance. A beloved classic, the halo ring design is steeped in a century of tradition, making it a perennial favourite in the world of diamond engagement rings.


The Principessa collection showcases traditional elegance with its diamond-embellished bands. Channel-set rings in this series feature sophisticated diamonds integrated seamlessly into the band's grooved channel. The Pavé setting enhances this allure, with tiny diamonds encircling the band to create a mesmerising, continuous diamond surface.


Geometrika is a tribute to art-deco magnificence, characterised by symmetrical designs and bold geometry. The collection's side stones are strategically placed to enhance the centre diamond's size and brilliance, creating an effect of adjacent angles. This range is distinguished by its bright colours and striking combinations, making each piece a statement of modern sophistication.


Infinit embodies the eternal bond of love, represented through the iconic infinity symbol. Each band in this collection intertwines gracefully, symbolising an unending promise between two souls. The elegance and timelessness of the infinity motif make these rings an exquisite backdrop for the central diamond, reflecting everlasting love and commitment.


Drawing inspiration from historical fashion and local lace, the Bizzilla collection is a masterpiece of intricate detailing. Each piece features exquisite milgrain work, where tiny metal beads form ornate borders, echoing the luxurious jewellery styles of the early 20th century. This meticulous attention to detail in the milgrain technique adds a vintage charm to the collection, making each ring a wearable piece of history.