Diamond Upgrade Service

Diamond prices have been steadily increasing for the past twenty years, and diamonds tend to hold their value extremely well. Given this, it is extremely unlikely that diamonds will lose their value.

As part of its commitment to clients, Frank Zampa Jewellery has introduced an upgrade service which has been extremely well received by locals and foreigners alike. Any customer of the firm may, at any time upgrade a purchased diamond, as long as the original diamond report is returned.

This novel approach means that a customer may choose to change the cut, colour, clarity or carat value of the existing diamond at any time. It’s indeed common to see a couple return on the anniversary of their engagement and increase the specification of the diamond proudly carried on the ring. But the service isn’t limited to engagement rings only – a diamond is a great investment and a lovely gem to behold – an opportunity to upgrade it further is a unique one indeed.

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