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The five-petal flower is the House icon and tells of a woman with an elegant, harmonious and refined lifestyle. A versatile collection that can yield style notes with romantic, yet casual flair.

Pasquale Bruni’s entrance to the world of jewelry began as a youth in the workshops of Valenza Po, renowned as the international heart of craft jewelry creation. Upon mastering the techniques and secrets of fine jewelry, a meticulous care for detail ultimately became one of the maison’s distinguishing traits. In 1976, when only twenty years old, Bruni created his first collections, illustrating his exceptional creative flair and a rare creative instinct. Simple yet unique shapes; rare gems and shimmering stones characterize the distinctive, unusual yet harmonious style of the designer’s collections.

The work he performs is the expression of a “Vera Passione”, a true passion which anyone wearing Pasquale Bruni’s jewelry can feel. Creating a company recognized worldwide for the excellence of its craftsmanship and unique design; since 1976, Pasquale Bruni has epitomized quality, along with his daughter Eugenia, Creative Director of the brand since 2001. Nature is a source of inspiration and women its true muses. The creations reflect a love of freedom and the freedom of women. Jewelry of dynamism, expression and passion takes shape, revealing a constant desire to experiment. What comes across is a desire to imbue the jewelry with a soul, so that the soul is truly visible.