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About Frank Zampa

Frank Zampa Jewellery, with a rich history dating back to 1804, was founded by Signor Giuseppe Zampa in Rome. This sixth-generation family-owned firm flourished under the diligent guidance of Frank Zampa, a great-grandson of Giuseppe. Joining the business at the tender age of 15, Frank significantly influenced its growth and reputation, leading it to become a symbol of fine craftsmanship and superior quality.

The name 'Frank Zampa' became synonymous with the enterprise, marking a new era of excellence and prestige. Later, Frank's youngest son, Renato, took over the reins, furthering the family legacy with the support of his children, Fabio and Loredana.

Their combined efforts have ensured the continuation of the Zampa tradition, blending time-honoured methods with innovative approaches to jewellery making.

In the current era, Frank Zampa Jewellery stands as a hallmark of luxury within the Maltese market, specialising in gold, diamonds, and an array of exquisite jewellery, alongside fine timepieces and crystalware. The company's emphasis lies in delivering unparalleled quality and service, sourcing its diamonds from renowned markets in Antwerp and focusing on bespoke and in-house jewellery designs.

The brand's commitment to excellence is evidenced by its selection of GIA certified diamonds. In 2012, a significant expansion occurred with the opening of the flagship store in the heart Valletta's Republic Street, Malta's shopping destination inside the capital. This expansion was complemented by enriching the brand's portfolio with partnerships with renowned luxury brands. In 2015, Italian luxury brands Pasquale Bruni and Yoko London were added, alongside our existing partnership with Leo Pizzo. The firm's commitment to excellence was bolstered in 2018 with the addition of Swiss watchmaking giant TAG Heuer and French high-end crystalware Baccarat to its offerings.

Additionally, the company's Saint Lucia Street store in Valletta showcases an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional pieces, highlighting its ability to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.